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Narrow streets, Cycladic architecture, and a breathtaking view of Caldera, the ideal combination for an intimate elopement in Santorini.

Elopement in Santorini: A Dreamy Destination to Combine Your Wedding and Honeymoon

Let’s be realistic, not all couples want a grand wedding. Some prefer a peaceful and romantic ceremony that can be combined with their honeymoon. Santorini is one of the best destinations in Greece to elope. The island offers the perfect atmosphere for any type of event. This article discusses what an elopement is, offers a few tips for those planning a wedding, and features a romantic story of a couple who held a Santorini elopement.

Intimate small weddings are becoming increasingly popular among couples who want to celebrate their love in a private way. An elopement typically involves a small ceremony held in a secluded location with only the couple, and sometimes a few close family members and friends, in attendance. This is a great way to avoid the stress and expense of planning a large wedding and allows the couple to focus on what really matters: their commitment to each other.

Elopement photographer Santorini Greece
Groom reading his vows

A Santorini Dream: Romantic Moments and Breathtaking Views

Jamie and Monika had always dreamed of an intimate wedding in Santorini. The island’s charming white-washed buildings, combined with the blue domes, made it the perfect destination for their special day. They envisioned a romantic ceremony overlooking the Caldera and the volcanic islands. They always wanted to book a Santorini wedding photographer to capture this day and transform it into a timeless masterpiece that they could cherish for a lifetime.

Documenting Romance: Bride and Groom Preparations

On the wedding day, the bride and groom followed tradition by preparing separately. The bride spent the morning getting her hair and makeup done perfectly. While the groom put on his formal attire and practiced his vows. As a Santorini elopement photographer, I had a great opportunity to capture some shots of those romantic moments. Their excitement was palpable as they eagerly anticipated the upcoming ceremony, each moment building the anticipation.

photographer on Santorini island, Greece
Elopement photographer Greece
Heartfelt Vows and Stunning Views: A Beautiful Ceremony at Dana Villas

The ceremony was held at Dana Villas, a stunning venue located in the town of Firostefani. The breathtaking views of the volcanic landscape and caldera provided a beautiful backdrop for the event. The bride looked elegant in her gown and carried a bouquet of her favorite flowers as she walked down the aisle. The groom looked dashing in his black tuxedo suit, waiting for her at the perfectly decorated gazebo.

The wedding ceremony was a beautiful and touching event, filled with emotions and love. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows that were both touching and heartwarming. After being pronounced husband and wife, we took some time around the venue to capture a few shots during the elopement photo session.

Elopement on Santorini, Greece
Dana Villas venue, Santorini, Greece

Photography tip: Don’t forget to book enough time with your Santorini elopement photographer to ensure you capture some shots during your first dance. That’s a definitely must-have in your wedding album! Discover more photography tips in our article.

The couple celebrated their wedding in a restaurant with a private atmosphere. Their intimate elopement in Santorini was truly a dream come true, and they knew they would remember this special day for the rest of their lives. The following days, Jamie and Monika embarked on their honeymoon, eager to continue their adventures on the beautiful island.


Wedding planner – Gold Wedding Santorini
Florist – Maria’s Flowers
Videographer – Magic Videography
Hairstylist – Marianna Nomikou

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Dana Villas Elopement Venue
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Elegant wedding table centerpiece with white roses and candles, Dana Villa Venue
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Groom holding her wedding vows
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