Kalison & Matthew. Wedding At Santo Winery

The wedding of Kalison and Matthew was another wonderful wedding at Santo Winery that I got to attend as a photographer. Certainly, Santo Winery flaunts all the attractions needed for a memorable marriage. On one hand, the romantic ambiance set up by the panoramic view of the island. Whereas, on the other side, one can see how the delicate arrangements of the venue add elegance to the ceremony. Perhaps, that’s the reason why this English-American couple chose Santo Winery.

santorini wedding photographer

As the perfectly clear sunny day dawned, the bride and the groom arrived at the venue to get themselves ready. Being a passionate and professional wedding photographer, I didn’t miss to capture these special moments of both. Both Kalison and Matthew let me shot some nice pictures as they posed gracefully while they were getting ready for their big day.


As the wedding service began, the guests looked happy to see the lovely couple uniting for life. Besides, one could also see the reflection of inner bliss and contentment on the faces of the bride and the groom. As they tied knots, I got myself busy in capturing the event. The occasion indeed allowed me to capture some of the best pictures of my career because of the wonderful arrangements. It seems the wedding planners, Santorini My Wedding, used all their skills to make the setup. The whole arrangement dominated with white was startling yet decent and pleasing to the eye.

The ceremony ended as the couple danced and celebrated their big day. And, I got some more stunning photos as the couple posed for me with sunset at the background. I am happy that the couple liked their perfectly-timed photographs. Let me share some of my favorite shots here with you.