Wedding in Athens: emotional moment while groom reads his vows

From Storm to Sparkle: The Epic Wedding in Athens, with Rain, Rainbow and Champagne Shower.

Against All Odds: How a Wedding in Athens Overcame Stormy Beginning to Celebrate Barefoot!

Athens, the vibrant heart of Greece! While we won’t delve into the historical facts of Greek past civilization (those are readily available elsewhere), let’s explore the city’s dynamic present. Away from the hustle and bustle of the center, Athens boasts picturesque landscapes that make it an increasingly popular choice as a chic wedding destination for those seeking a memorable celebration.

This article features a captivating story of a wedding in Athens unfolding amidst a thunderstorm, and providing practical tips for those planning a ceremony in autumn. It also offers invaluable advice on maintaining calm when faced with unexpected challenges, ensuring that the joy of the occasion prevails despite any setbacks. Finally, it shares feedback on how to elevate a party to unforgettable heights. So, let’s rock!

Wedding Venue – Island Art and Taste

The wedding ceremony was planned to occur amidst the enchanting surroundings of Island Art and Taste, a picturesque venue nestled along the serene shores of the Athenian Riviera. Here, the gentle rustle of olive and pine trees created a tranquil atmosphere, evoking the essence of a garden oasis. This idyllic setting effortlessly blends the serenity of nature with captivating views that stretch towards the azure waters and the ancient Sounion.

Bride Preparation

The wedding day began amid the vibrant energy of the bride and groom’s preparations at the hotel, with the majestic Parthenon standing watch in the distance, a timeless symbol of Athens’ rich history. Surrounded by her mother and closest friends, the bride focused on her makeup and hair preparations, fully immersing herself in the moment. Excitement buzzed in the air as everyone eagerly anticipated the upcoming festivities. Yet, amid the flurry of activity, all eyes were drawn to the sky, where heavy clouds gathered, casting a deep gray hue over the cityscape. With uncertainty looming overhead, nobody could predict what the day held in store.

Groom Preparation

In a separate room, the groom was getting ready alongside his closest friends. Shared memories and anecdotes flowed freely as they reminisced about their experiences together. Surrounded by his lifelong companions, the groom carefully adorned his suit with governmental honors, including military awards earned through his service. Like for every man, these awards hold significant importance for the groom, representing his commitment to his country. Meanwhile, dark clouds continued to gather outside. Undeterred by the weather’s uncertainty, laughter echoed through the room as glasses of whiskey were raised in spirited toasts.

Nature’s Break: A Test of Faith and Resolve

As we completed our bride and groom preparation photo session, we joined the bride and her family to proceed to the venue for her to dress the wedding gown. Upon our arrival, a few small raindrops began to fall, but everyone remained hopeful that the weather would hold. While the bride’s mother and bridesmaid assisted her with the dress, we continued with the bridal photoshoot.

Meanwhile, the groom arrived at the venue with his best men, finding everything prepared for the ceremony and upcoming wedding party—chairs arranged, tables set. We captured a few shots of the groom and his friends while awaiting the guests.

The wind intensified, and the sky darkened further as what began as a gentle drizzle quickly escalated into a fierce thunderstorm. With thunder rumbling overhead and rain pouring down in sheets, chaos ensued as chairs were blown over, and the venue staff ran around to save the decor. Despite their efforts to secure a gazebo for the ceremony, the unforgiving wind tore it away before it could even be anchored. The once serene garden transformed into a flooded landscape, leaving us stunned in the midst of what seemed like impending disaster. Despite the wedding planner’s attempts to find a solution, it became obvious that Mother Nature had her own plans in store.

Wedding in Athens: Hope for a moment of sunshine!

Imagine your big day, everything perfectly in place—the attire, the loving company, and just moments before exchanging vows, a colossal thunderstorm hits. You realize there’s no way to leave the room, and it becomes clear that the ceremony cannot begin. What are your feelings? Shocked! So were the bride and the groom.

It seemed the rain was unrelenting, and the only recourse was to place faith in something greater. Inside, the bride and her family prayed fervently in the preparation room, seeking solace amidst the storm. Meanwhile, outside under the pergola, the groom and his best men joined hands in prayer, hoping for a break in the weather.

Relief came as the rain began to calm down. The bus carrying the guests arrived at the venue. Just as the sun emerged, two brightly colored rainbows appeared in the sky. It was our last opportunity to proceed with the wedding ceremony. Quickly, we processed to the improvised aisle, with guests standing as there were no dry chairs left. We had a brief window of sunshine to conduct the ceremony.

As the bride walked down the improvised aisle, tears filled the eyes of the emotionally charged couple. Amidst the joyous atmosphere, happiness engulfed the guests, families, and the couple themselves during the exchange of vows. The weather was no longer a concern. It was evident: they had succeeded.

Soggy Shoes: Dancing Through the Rain

However, the adventures of the day didn’t stop there! As the guests and the couple settled down for the reception, the rain decided to join the party, drenching everyone’s shoes in the process. But did that stop the celebration? Not a chance! After dinner, the wedding party kicked off their soggy shoes and danced like there was no tomorrow, rain be damned! Amidst the downpour, the couple and their friends spun and twirled on the dance floor, spreading joy and laughter all around. And just when we thought things couldn’t get any wilder, the couple grabbed two bottles of champagne and showered the dancing guests in bubbly bliss right after cutting the cake. Laughter filled the air as everyone embraced the joyous chaos of the moment.

As wedding photographers who frequently cover various destinations in Greece, we often encounter remarkable tales of love and resilience. However, this recent wedding in Athens was truly exceptional. It was filled with surprises and moments of pure joy. Despite the rain, wet surroundings, soaked shoes, and concerns about our gear getting damaged, we thoroughly enjoyed capturing this event. In the end, it wasn’t the storm that was most significant. It was the love, faith, and spirit of everyone involved that made the day truly unforgettable.

Last But Not Least: Tips for Planning an Athens Wedding in Autumn
  1. Weather Contingency Plan: Always have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather changes. Consider indoor venues or renting tents for outdoor events.
  2. Embrace the Unexpected: Sometimes, the most memorable moments happen when things don’t go as planned. Embrace the spontaneity and make the most of every situation.
  3. Stay Positive: No matter what challenges arise, focus on the love and excitement of the day. In particular, a positive attitude can turn any setback into a memorable experience.

Wedding Planner – Gold Wedding Santorini

Venue – Island Art & Taste

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